7 Quick Vegan Breakfast Ideas(That Are Healthy)

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Whether you are vegan or not you need some breakfast recipes that are quick to make and are equally healthy…

Quick Vegan Breakfast(Rice With Almond Milk)

Vegan Breakfast can be quick to make and equally healthy at the same time.
If you are a vegan you don’t have to compromise on nutrition or your precious time for the breakfast..Today we will introduce you to 9 Quick Vegan Breakfast ideas

Quick Vegan Breakfast Ideas

1.Fruit Salad With Almond and Nuts

Quick Vegan Breakfast(Fruit Salad With Almond And Nuts)

Fruit Salad With Almond And Nuts (Quick Vegan Breakfast)

Fruits are high in protein,low in fat and rich in potassium.In this recipe,you can add fruits of your choice like strawberry,bananas,apple,guava,grapes(You name it).Add dry fruit of you choice which can include almonds,nuts,pistachio,raisin or another other you like.

This Quick Vegan Breakfast is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to invest a lot of time in preparing breakfast and wants a nutritious and yummy breakfast as well.This recipe can be made under 15 mins and adds a lot of energy to your body for the day long challenges.

2.Cereal With Non-Dairy Milk

Cereal With Non-Dairy Milk(Quick Vegan Breakfast)
Cereal With Non-Dairy Milk(Quick Vegan Breakfast)

When you are talking about quick on the go breakfast,How can u forget cereal with milk? Sorry,in this case, non-dairy milk.

This breakfast is naive to none.Cereal contains low sodium and high amount of carbohydrates making it a perfect diet for breakfast. Moreover, its very easy to make,tastes well and contains all the nutrients required in a typical breakfast.As our version of milk is non-dairy its perfectly vegan at the same time.You can use non-dairy milk of you choice.Popular choices include almond milk,coconut milk and soy milk.

This breakfast is very easy to make and requires less than 5 minutes in preparation.A perfect choice when you snoozed the alarm too many times.

3.Rice With Almond Milk

Rice With Almond Milk(Quick Vegan Breakfast)
Rice With Almond Milk(Quick Vegan Breakfast)

This recipe is used as a sweet dish in many Asian countries(No worries,You can still use it as a Breakfast Dish).Known as Kheer in the sub-continent.This dish is perfectly fine and a dish of choice for many people.There are many reasons to it,its high in energy,contains high amounts of carbohydrates and iron plus its very easy o make.

It requires less than 20 minutes to make this dish which is full of nutrients,energy and deliciousness altogether.You only need boiled rice,sugar and milk(of course non-dairy if you want it to be vegan). Additionally, you can add fruits,dates,raisin,almonds or whatever suits your taste or mood.


Smoothie(Quick Vegan Breakfast)
Smoothie(Quick Vegan Breakfast)

We all like smoothies.Smoothies are tasty,have all the nutrients and are pretty much easy to make.Vegans love smoothies for their breakfast.

We use smoothies in breakfast every now and then.They are a perfect way to start your day with a meal.Popular choices of fruits for smoothies include raspberry,strawberry,bananas,and avocados..Smoothies require less than 10 mins and preparation and are great choice for people on the go.

5.Toast With Avocados

Toast With Avocados(Quick Vegan Breakfast)
Toast With Avocados(Quick Vegan Breakfast)

Toast with meshed avocados with some black pepper can be a really great choice for the breakfast.As,its tasty and at the same time rich with energy.Its a breakfast of choice for people around the world and is popular among vegans as well as non vegans alike.Avocado with its natural nutrients and toast make it a great combination for breakfast.

This breakfast can be prepared in less than 15 mins.You just have to make toast,cut the avocado in two pieces,remove its stone,mesh it and apply it to the toast,add some black pepper and enjoy your breakfast.

6.Toast With Peanut Butter and Banana

Toast with peanut butter is common breakfast choice for vegans around the globe.Its easy,quick vegan breakfast that does not require much time.When you add bananas to it,it turns to be mouth watering delicious and healthy.Peanut butter toast breakfast is a very easy task.It requires less than 5 minutes to prepare it.Make toast apply some peanut butter add your bananas and you are good to go.

7.Vegan Donuts

Vegan donuts are a great choice for breakfast when you are on the go and don’t have enough time for a proper breakfast.Vegan donuts have enough energy to get you to the next meal.Donuts are tasty as well as energy-full.

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Tell us in the comments What is your favorite on the go Vegan Breakfast.

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