High Protein Vegan Lunches For Work

Today we will share with you some amazing high protein vegan lunches for work ideas that will give you energy to handle your hectic schedule.These lunches are high-protein thus will provide you instant energy.Protein rich meals are a great source of energy.This list includes all types of lunch ideas that will suite every taste. High Protein Vegan Lunches For Work Recipes 1.Chickpea And Edamame Salad Chickpea and edamame salad is an amazing recipe to add flavors in your life.Its sour and sweet flavor will prove…Continue Reading “High Protein Vegan Lunches For Work”

Seitan Chicken

Today we will be sharing with you 5 amazing seitan chicken recipes that you will love.Seitan is an amazing meat substitute and a blessing for vegans. Seitan also known as wheat-gluten is different from other meat substitutes like tofu and tempeh due to its meat like texture. Its rich in proteins and at the same time a treat for your taste buds.We picked up top seitan chicken recipes that will make you realize that its possible to taste delicious chicken without actually eating it. How…Continue Reading “5 Tasty Seitan Chicken Recipes That You Will Love”

Seitan Instant Pot

Seitan instant pot is an amazing recipe.Specially when you miss the feelings of chicken and don’t want to cut your ties with the vegan family.Yes its possible,You can taste chicken without actually not eating it.This wonder Seitan(Wheat Gluten) helps you in this matter.So here is an amazing Vegan Instant Pot Seitan Recipe. About Seitan If you are a newbie vegan use probably don’t know what seitan is.If you already know this you can skip it. Seitan(Wheat Gluten) is a meat substitute for vegan people.It adds…Continue Reading “Delicious Vegan Instant Pot Seitan Recipe”

So,you decided to try out the vegan keto breakfast and looking for some recipes? You want to know what a low carb or keto breakfast can be that’s vegan as well? You want best of both worlds vegan and low carb? Lets begin the show then. What exactly is a Keto Diet? A ketogenic diet is a very low-carb,high fat diet.It involves very limited amount of carbohydate intake,replacing it with fat which puts your body into a process known as ketosis. Benefits Of Keto Vegan…Continue Reading “9 Vegan Keto Breakfast Recipes(that you should must try)”

Breakfast is an important meal of the day.Its the first meal of the day and it gives us energy to counter with the everyday challenges.Its has to be delicious,energy-full and would not take too much time to make.This recipe has got all of it. There are many delicious vegan breakfast recipes out there.Casserole is easily one of them.Casseroles are great but what about vegan casseroles?They are great too.Today we will be sharing with you an amazing vegan breakfast recipe that is mouth watering and healthy…Continue Reading “Mouth Watering Vegan Breakfast Casserole Recipe”

Whether you are vegan or not you need some breakfast recipes that are quick to make and are equally healthy… Vegan Breakfast can be quick to make and equally healthy at the same time. If you are a vegan you don’t have to compromise on nutrition or your precious time for the breakfast..Today we will introduce you to 9 Quick Vegan Breakfast ideas Quick Vegan Breakfast Ideas 1.Fruit Salad With Almond and Nuts Fruits are high in protein,low in fat and rich in potassium.In this…Continue Reading “7 Quick Vegan Breakfast Ideas(That Are Healthy)”